I asked employee for prices and she ignored me and just gave me a box of kolaches so I wasn't sure if I had enough money in my company card. Once she gave me the total I told her I only had x amount of money to spend and she said very rudely you should've told me from the beginning that you didn't want this.

She started throwing the kolaches back in with a very horrible attitude. Then I told her I'm sorry but that's why I clearly asked you for prices and as I was talking she walked away from me. I wanted to leave but I was in charge of taking breakfast for the company. She then had an ugly attitude and started telling consumers behind me sorry people but its this lady's fault that the line is taking Forever.

I was honestly ready to slap this lady. That is no way to treat a customer. If she would have listened to me from the beginning there would not be a problem. Anyways I got a few donuts and kolaches and that is the last time I ever go there as will my company, I told them about the worse experience I had and they shared their experiences from there too.

Definetly need new employees at this location. Rude rude employees.

  • Gulf freeway location and spencer
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